Our quality management model consists of the following key points:

  1. Guest Experience

At the end of the day it is always the guests who determine if measures carried out in pursuance of quality improvement are, or are not, advantageous.

guest experience Signallia

  1. Team Commitment

In any company, the team of employees is one of the most meaningful assets. High-performing work structures are built upon committed teams seeking defined goals. Self managed work teams within a suitable work environment are a form of empowerment.

Team commitment Signallia

  1. Approach to Strategy and System

A key feature of quality management is integrating quality as the root constituent of a defined system and strategy implemented to accomplish any organisations vision, mission and goals. Strategy system Signallia
  1. Continual Improvement

Our strongest attribute is fusing analysis and creativity in pursuance of innovative ways of becoming increasingly competitive and flexible in order to adapt our strategies to the latest market trends.

Improvement Signallia

  1. Fact-based decision making

Facts reflect progress, to evaluate performance, Signallia collects and throughly analyses data on a regular basis, enabling us to improve decision making, accuracy, reach consensus, and allow forecasting based on past history. Fact based decisions Signallia

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Signallia is a multi-national company based in Spain, with offices in: New York, Singapore, Dubai, London, Orlando and the Caribbean. We offer a diverse set of marketing and consulting services, tailoring unique solutions to solve any problem.

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