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The Challenge

Ready for European Privacy Rules? Workshop for Fast Solutions to Quick GDPR Compliance

The new European data privacy rules may impact business in Dubai, with fines set at 4% of revenue.

You should know if you process any European Union Citizen’s data; how much personal data you collect, where is it stored and secured; and which changes you must immediately make to your privacy procedures and policies. Do you transfer data internationally? Do you have confidence that your partners are compliant with data protection and not putting you at risk? Do you have procedures for how consent is sought, obtained and recorded?

New European privacy rules (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) aim to bolster privacy protection. GDPR provides comprehensive revisions and sets high standards for privacy protection. It applies to all companies and organizations that process personal data of European citizens. How far GDPR reaches and how it applies can be confusing. Complex legal provisions and 99 Articles only add to the uncertanity, along with a 25 May compliance deadline.

We are conducting in-depth workshops with a top European policy consultant, which offers key GDPR facts and gives you simple action-steps to understand and meet the GDPR requirements, and develop solutions for quick GDPR compliance.

Our speaker, Dr Vigjilenca Abazi, is a data protection and privacy legal expert with extensive experience in advising European Union institutions, including drafting European law proposals in Brussels. Dr Abazi has held numerous lectures worldwide including at Harvard University, Oxford University, Columbia University, and NYU. She has more than 20 scientific publications and has been invited for expert testimonies at European Parliament. She is based at NYU School of Law, USA and is assistant Professor at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.